Ultrasonic Poultry Systems
Egg & Manure Belt Welders

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Egg & Manure
Belt Welding Systems

Ultrasonic Poultry Systems has made poultry
belt welders for years and is pleased to introduce
our new rugged and easy to use system.
The P100 egg and manure belt welder
is designed to withstand harsh environments
better and make belt welding that much faster
and easier.

Key advantages:

  • Interchangeable Tips – change in seconds and
    are made from Titanium for increased longevity.

  • Protected – contained in a military grade Pelican™
    crushproof case.

  • Corrosive Airborne Particulates – cannot enter system.

  • Controlled Welds – take less than 5 seconds.

  • Warranty – one year parts & labor.


P100 Manure Belt Welder


See the P100 Belt Welder in Action